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Hi! My name is Beata.I live in Czech Republic.I love The Beatles because they create my life.Welcome my cuties c:
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JULY 11 1964 During the filming of the summer version of ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ ‘Summer Spin’ at Teddington Studio Centre in Middlesex, London, England.
Photo : David Redfern



Tokyo, 1966
  • Interviewer: You and Linda have been married 28 years-
  • Paul: 28 years, man!
  • Interviewer: In a business and a world where divorce is everywhere-
  • Paul: Unfortunately, yeah.
  • Interviewer: What's the secret? You're still writing love songs with her in mind!
  • Paul: Yeah, well I love her. That's the- I mean if anyone asks what the secret is, that's the secret. We just fell in love. We were lucky. We had our ups and down, you know, I don't want it to seem all rosey posey. I mean, we argue, you know, cause you gotta have that. But we've always had a good sense of humor, we've always been quite honest with each other, and we've been lucky.

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Paul, Ringo and George




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